Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Year of Marital Bliss

It's hard to believe that Mike and I have already been married for a year, but wouldn't you know it, July 17 has come and gone, along with our first anniversary!  When I look back over this first year, it has been the same as the previous six, in many ways.  But towards the end, there were definitely some changes.  At first, I honestly didn't feel marriage was any different from dating - except for the name change...

I think once I got past that hurdle I was able to experience the change and inexplicable security and peace that has been my life married to Mike.  It's pretty hard to explain without mushing it up, so I won't try.  Plus, some things are best kept between two love birds!

Anyway, we celebrated our anniversary very simply as we had just returned from our huge European adventure.  Our anniversary was on Sunday, and on Saturday we went to Napa and visited some of our favorite spots, as well as some new ones.  On our actual anniversary, we had a lovely brunch, went to see Harry Potter in IMAX 3D, and then enjoyed our wedding wine and cupcakes!  And, wouldn't you know, the day was made even more wonderful by the fact that our good friends, Brittney and Sasha, got engaged!!

Happy anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world - the person who makes me smile every day, puts up with my shenanigans, cheers me up when I feel down and laughs with me when things are great - Mike Fujii.

A quick stop at one of our favorites: Domain Chandon 
My handsome hubby :)

Our handsome puppy, Taiko!!!

Lunch from Oakville Grocery!  Yummmmm!

Mystery flavor - turned out to be apricot.  Pretty good!

This is why we love Cali!

I put together an updated version of our wedding video (edited by me!) to celebrate the occasion.  Click here to check it out!StumbleUpon

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  1. congrats guys!! here's to all the fun in years to come!


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