Sunday, June 27, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Whew!  What a whirlwind couple of weeks!  And, when I had a second to pick my head up, we only have 20 days left!  Where has the time gone?  Well, we have had LOTS of wedding events - lots to fill you in on!

So, I went in for my final dress fitting last Friday.  I was so excited to see my dress fitted to a T, and ready to go.  Well, it wasn't quite there.  Why?  Well, apparently I have lots quite a bit of weight and they had to take another two inches in on the top.  I tell ya - I try to lose weight all of the time.  But now that I am not trying and just trying to maintain, I am melting off the lbs!!  Not a terrible predicament to be in, but it makes me a bit nervous.  Now I REALLY have to maintain.  I have my "final" final fitting on July 6th, and then it is sent off to be pressed.  Here's hoping I don't gain or lose anything!

My mom came down last week for the dress fitting and to find herself a dress as well.  We got super lucky and she spotted a dress, tried it on, and we are set!  It was like the second one she tried on, and I didn't even pick it out for her!  I went and got my makeup done so that my girlfriend, Kristin, can do it the day of the wedding.  Then we had Sprinkles cupcakes and got some shoes for my mom as well.  It was a good day at the shops, for sure.

My lovely ladies, Monica and Alyssa
The following day, my girlfriends and I left for my big bachelorette party!!  I was completely in the dark about the weekend's events, from the location to the activities.  That was so much fun.  From event to event, I had no idea what was coming, and it was very exciting.  There were seven of us, which was the perfect number of lovely lady friends.  We arrived at our destination, San Luis Obispo, around lunch time, and had the amazing Splash cafe!  I didn't know they had a location there, and it was definitely more posh and clean than the original in downtown Pismo beach.  But, they still had the same amazing chowda!!  That was a great start to the day.  Then, we walked a few shops down to get mani/pedi's!!  As I said earlier, I had NO idea what we were doing, and so I had JUST gotten my tootsies done a few days earlier.  But, I treated myself to a manicure.  The highlight of this had to be my sister getting a manicure. She hates people touching her feet, so a pedicure was not in the cards for her.  But, after some persuasion, she got a manicure, only if the manicurist did not file her nails.  She doesn't like that either.  She is growing up!

The ending pose around the pole - so FUN!!!
After that, we piled back into the cars to go to probably the highlight of the trip.  We started heading towards these sort of industrial type buildings.  I thought for sure we were lost.  We pull into a parking lot of a building that has no signage whatsoever.  I started getting a bit worried.  Then, we turned around.  We were a bit lost!  We went down a few more streets and pulled into another lot - same type of building.  I was definitely confused.  We pulled into a building labeled, "Yoga Flirt."  Hmmmm....  I couldn't see in the windows as they were obscured by heavy curtains.  We go in, and turn to the left, and there are four, floor to ceiling, poles.  Like "dancing" poles.  I was shocked.  We had to change into our yoga clothes and begin!  It was really, really fun.  And, an extremely good workout.  I could barely move my arms the next day.  I am still waiting on pictures, so check back soon for those.  Don't worry, they are all PG (though some moments in the class were a bit scandalous...)

Then, off to the hotel.  We stayed at a super cute hotel in Pismo Beach with an ocean view.  We went there to drop off our stuff, and to change into clothes for our dinner out.  We went to the famous McClintock's which I haven't been to since college.  It is a super yummy restaurant with lots of character including a stuffed buffalo in the bar and lots of hunting game throughout the dining area.  I was adorned with some choice bachelorette party regalia, and we had a really great time.   After dinner we went to a bar in downtown San Luis, appropriately called "The Library."  We danced and drank the night away and had a grand old time.

Bridal Sculptionary
Then, this weekend was my third and final bridal shower.  I tell you what, I feel showered with lots of love.  Beyond love!  Mike and I are so blessed to have so many wonderful people who want to celebrate us.  Yesterday's shower was thrown by my soon to be Mother-In-Law, Sandy.  It was mostly her family, and it was so lovely to be able to catch up with them.  It was at Mike's aunt and uncles house in Sunnyvale.  One of my bridesmaids helped Sandy with the games and such, and we played bridal sculptionary, bingo and took a quiz to see how well people knew me!  Lots of yummy food and wonderful gifts!  The gifts made the bingo a bit difficult because it was a lot of miscellaneous categories - a lamp, cups, a picture frame, a tea box - you get the idea!  All of our new kitchen items are so wonderful.  I am sitting next to our beautiful new lamp right now, drinking water out of a beautiful new cup.  Thanks everyone for helping us start our married life out in style!

Just some of my lovely FHS buddies!!  Amy and Monica!
Mom and Mom-in-Law!!
(a.k.a. Claudia and Sandy!)
Today marks 20 days to go.  We are so excited and can't wait to see you all very soon!  I have added some information on directions, and dress, so be sure to click on the venue button on our website!StumbleUpon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

30 days...

While the title of this post may sound more like a drug/alcohol rehab post, it is actually meaning that Mike and I are 30 days out from our big day!

I don't know where the time has gone - it feels like yesterday when we were in SB, and he was proposing. But isn't that life?  It has gone so fast, but I feel like we have kept everything in perspective and kept the purpose of all of these mini-stresses in mind.  As we are getting down to the wire, all of the details are starting to be a bit overwhelming.  Thinking about who needs to be where, at what time, how they are getting there, where x,y,z are going, how many ice cubes we want in each glass, it's all overwhelming!!  It is definitely awesome to not have school to worry about so that I can give 100% attention to this!  Today, after going on a walk with my lovely bridesmaid, Monica, I am going to try and do a mock-up of our table labels.  I am really excited about them, so hopefully they turn out as well as I am envisioning, or better!

This Friday my mom is coming to town and we are going on a shopping fete for her dress.  I am looking forward to it - it's always fun and kind of weird to see my mom in a dress.  My sister too.  They are more capris/jeans girls.  We are going to head over to the outdoor shopping mall by Stanford, and hopefully will find something great.  Then, after that, my MOH is meeting us and we are doing my final dress fitting.  Very very exciting.  I am hoping that we don't have to do any further alterations - I have lost about 5 pounds, just because of stress and I was really sick for about 8 days, but I can easily gain that all back if it means we have to alter it again!!

Then, the other exciting event this weekend is my bachelorette party!  I don't know where it is, though I think I have an idea :)  I am really excited to have all of my close girlfriends around to hang out and celebrate.  I will be sure to post with photos from the event, and all of the exciting things to come!StumbleUpon

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