Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Full Circle Moments

So again, the question is: do you follow A Year in Thanks?  Click on that link right now and follow my wonderful friend, Emily.  Her blog will make your day, make you thankful for the seemingly smallest things, and is just overall a great read.

She started a new thing where she is having guest bloggers once a week.  The first was one of my very best friends Birdy (or Brittney, if you're more vanilla).  My friends and are quite the blog community!  This week, it's me!  So, hop on over and be thankful for such beautiful blogs.StumbleUpon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A weekend for "The Birds"

Mike and I usually find ourselves with Memorial Day upon us, and not a plan to be seen!  We are big into Labor day, and other 3 dayers, but for some reason, Memorial day just appears, and we end up at home, hanging out in good ole San Jo.  Nothing really wrong with that, but we always bemoan our lack of foresight, and vow to plan something fun the following year.  This year we finally made good on our word, and took a really fun trip with a group of friends who we rarely get to hang with.

The view from the living room - WOW!
We went on VRBO, and found a really fun cabin in Bodega Bay for the 10 of us (plus 2 kiddos!)  We got there on Friday night, and stayed until Monday morning.  We had each meal assigned a cooking team and a bar tending team!  Some of the meals included: baked potato bar, taco bar, bloody mary bar, brauts and ribs - you get the picture.  There was a lot of eating happening.

We mostly stayed in, played games - including the Michael Jackson dance video game for the Wii.  Now that was a fun game.  I could have danced all night.  I loved it!  It was even more fun after the margarita bar!  It was pretty low key and just the kind of weekend I love.  Taiko was also able to come with us, which was great since we hate leaving him behind.  He is a member of the family, after all!

We did venture out one day, just the girls.  We went out to lunch, and the "famous" Tippy Hedron was there - she starred in Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds."  Now, famous is in quotes here because I thought it was a joke.  She had a booth set up - like the ones you see at craft fairs, and she was charging for autographs, pictures with and without her, etc.  It was all kind of sad.  This entire town billed itself as the home of the film, "The Birds"...  Maybe it's a generational thing, but I was searching for my impressed face - couldn't find it...

On the way home, we stopped in Tamales Bay for some oysters - this place was bomb!  Such a great culinary end to a weekend filled with good food, great friends and lots of "yes"ing!

The boys doing their MJ dance - it was a King's Cup round!

I love how Mike takes his food prep so seriously - creating the perfect bite here...


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