Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Year...In Numbers

As we approach 2011, I am reminded how wonderfully full my life is, and how thankful I am to be alive, and surrounded by cool people who challenge and love me.  I am also more aware at this time of year, as we count down to the new start, how life is really just a series of numbers.  Countdowns and dates, times and events.  Some things, like memories, glasses of champagne, cupcakes, origami cranes and laughs are innumerable.  But some things you can count.  Here is a quick recap of our year, in numbers. 

10: Number of years it has been since I graduated from high school.  Yeesh.  A decade already? (I attended my high school reunion in October)

Mira, Me, Birdy, Kris and Emily at our 10 year reunion!

9:  Number of miles Taiko got up to during my marathon training!  What a champ!  Also, the number of games the 49ers (Mike's team) have lost this season.

Taiko and Zoe at the marathon, waiting for us to "speed" by!

8: Number of tricks Taiko now knows.

Taiko's latest trick - "the bear".

7: Month of our wedding and the number of Christmas' Mike and I have spent together. 

Family photo, 2010.

6: Number of trips we have taken, also the number of years Mike and I have been together.

Mike and I on the beach in the Dominican Republic!

5: Number of games the 49ers, Mike's team, have won this season.

The name of this fan has been hidden to protect the blindly faithful.

4: Number of Taiko mishaps we have had (down from last year), also the number of celebrations we have had at our house.

What I came home to one afternoon...(It was standing upright when I left)

3: Number of tacky t-shirts Mike got for his bachelor party...

Not only t-shirts...check out the necklace...

2:  Number of camping expeditions we went on, and the number of Canopy Tours we have done (our new hobby!)

Sonoma Canopy tours for Em's birthday.

1: Number of marathons I have done (and will ever do...) also the number of courses Mike has taken toward his Masters in Tax (he got an A!!)

6.5 hours later, across the finish line!

0: number of regrets we have going into 2011.

Happy New Year everyone, and may you all have a blessed and full year, of surprises, fun, and friendship.


Mike and Stephanie Fujii <3


Monday, December 20, 2010

Married Life -

Married life is good.  Oh so good. And oh so NOT different than dating for six years life.  :)  We have been waiting for it to "feel" like we're married, but so far - nothin'.  Which is fine.  We were two little love birds for six years, so if nothing changes - we're okay with that.  What we have been, though, are two busy little bees.

We are now finished sending out our thank you notes - apparently wedding etiquette gives you 1 year, but it feels wrong sending them out so late!  And, even now, we find that some people never received the ones we sent!  Damn you, Postal Service!

But now, seriously, the wedding stuff is over.  O-V-E-R.  The only thing we are waiting for is our official wedding photo album from our photographer, and after that, I will be writing him a letter (because I am not super happy with most of our wedding photos).  But, then, it's really off to the next step!

This year is going to be a good one for Mike and I.  We just booked a fun quick trip to Kauai in April, for his 33rd birthday, and because by that point in the year, we always need some time together to reconnect.  Tax season is a long and brutal one!  So, that is officially on the docket as of Friday.  Then, we are trying to get our plans together for a trip to Europe this summer.  It will be Mike's first time there, and I have been dying to go back since 2003, when I returned from my summer in Italy.  I can't wait to share that fun and awesomeness with Mike.  We are trying to fly in Spain, stay a few days there, fly to Rome, and then cruise to Croatia and Greece.  We have been wanting to do this for a few years now, but something always came up!  Hopefully by next week we will have booked this trip, and will be busy planning details!

Mike and I are deep into our seventh Christmas together.  I can still remember our first one together, and it is amazing how different, and yet the same, our lives are now.  Life is good, and seems to just keep getting better.

This is going to be a year of "yes" for me.  I am one who, too often, says no, or that I have something else to do.  I am tired of doing that.  It makes me always think about what else I could be doing in a moment where something amazing is happening.  I am not sure when this phenomenon started to happen, but it did.  And this is going to be the year for changing that.  Even just in the last few weeks, I have seen such a difference in myself and in my life by just saying yes to opportunities.  I have enjoyed parties more, have been more relaxed, and have booked a romantic getaway.  Life is good in the world of yes.  Of course, it all happens in moderation, but I am enjoying my dose, nonetheless.StumbleUpon

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