Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Malaria, Typhoid and Hepatitas! Oh My!

There is nothing like the threat of death by mosquito bite to really pull the romance right out of your honeymoon.  I just got back from the doctor's office - with two shots in my arms, and two prescriptions for antimalarial drugs and a just in case prescription for traveler's diarrhea.  Super sexy.

This was all prompted last Monday.  Mike and I were hanging out at Jack and Sandy's, where they were watching an episode of a show called, "The Monster Inside Me."  Only watch this show if you want to get freaked out and fear for your life at every banal occurrence.  Well, we were watching the case study of one young man, who was suddenly stricken with a severe headache, stomachache, etc.  It was debilitating.  He went to the hospital and they couldn't figure it out for a while, and they came to find out it was malaria.  No good!  In trying to figure out how the man had contracted the disease, they asked if he had gone on any trips as of late where he may have been exposed to such a wretched, life threatening illness.  "My wife and I just got back from a resort in the Dominican Republic," he answers.  Wow.  Amazing.

Where are Mike and I going in 1 week?  Oh yes.  The Dominican Republic.

I have never gone to a country essentially considered third world.  England, France, Italy, Ireland - all pretty developed places.  So, I didn't even really think about it when we booked our honeymoon.  Mistake!  The day after this "enlightening" show, Mike and I both called our doctors and tried to schedule an appointment.  Just my luck, Mike got an appointment in essentially two days, and I had to wait a week and a half.  I didn't think anything of it (because the nurse who I spoke to didn't really say much), until yesterday when Mike came home, two shots in the arm and a prescription for typhoid drugs that he HAD to start 1 week before departure.  I started to sweat a little.  What if I didn't get in in time?  I didn't want to die!  What if I got typhoid and Mike didn't because he had the vaccine in time!  Yes, I am a drama queen.  Always have been.  But seriously, the tape of "The Monster Inside Me" was playing over and over in my head, and I just didn't want to go through that!  I already have jury duty in August, please don't let me get Malaria too!

So, I called this morning and was told (by a MUCH more helpful person) that I needed to just go to the travel branch and do a walk-in, and it would be fine.  I was a bit behind because they usually like to see you two weeks before you depart, but that ship has sailed and sunk.  So we have one week left!  I was sitting in the waiting room for 1.5 hours.  Thank goodness I brought a book with me.  I almost lost consciousness from boredom.

Then, this guy walks in, we'll call him "Annoying."  He walks in, tells the nurse he needs a vaccine for whooping cough because he just had a baby on Saturday.  Great.  He proceeds to spell his name as if he was on a phone with a non-native speaker.  N as in none.  I as in Ice.  C as in Coke.  K as in kind.  That is right.  His name was NICK.  I am PRETTY sure, you don't need to spell that out.  If they have questions, it is usually "K" vs. "ck" and they usually ask.  This was just the beginning of this guy giving out way too much information - hereafter abbreviated to "TMI."

He calls up God only knows who, probably a parent or someone who is immune to his ridiculousness, and proceeds to go through each and every health question with them.  He knows the answer to most, so I am unclear as to why he is reading all 100 questions out loud over the phone.  I am pretty sure you want that information to remain private.  But no.  Most of them he rattled off a "no" answer to after reading the full question.  He clearly didn't need this person's assistance - it isn't a test buddy.  You should know the answers.  There is no score.

Please keep in mind this was a small waiting room, and it was just he and I.  There were a few questions that stuck out to me in our 15 minutes of questioning intimacy:  "Question 31: Any history of mental health?  Oh yes. " (in my head: great - glad you are begatting.)  "Question 51: any problems with gastro-intestinal issues such as severe diarrhea or irrital bowels - yes."

Then, the nurse came and RESCUED me.  I am just glad I didn't stick around for "Question 75: regarding hemorrhoids."StumbleUpon

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blooms in Bloom

Well, this is the week!  It's finally here!  I think that I will be having an out of body experience for the next few days.  I need to bring myself back to earth so I can enjoy it!  I have moments of sheer excitement, butterflies, etc.  And then other times when I think about things, I just tear up!  Not out of sadness or anything, but just amazement that this is happening, and gratefulness that our family and friends are so supportive and loving.

Today I went with my future MIL (mother-in-law) to pick up the flowers at the wholesaler.  Jack ordered everything beforehand, but somehow a lot of it got lost in translation, so when Sandy, Mike and I went back a few days ago, they didn't have about 1/2 of the flowers on the order!  Glad we caught it in time!  We picked all the flowers up, loaded 'em into the van, and brought them back to their house where Jack was waiting, 6 days after heart surgery, to prep and prepare all of them.  Apparently that is most of the work - trimming the stems so that the water gets to the flower, peeling leaves and petals so the water doesn't get slimy, etc.  So, we spent most of this morning doing that.  It was nice to have some quality alone time with the future in-laws. Got to hear some pretty entertaining stories about what a "charming" child Mike was.  :)  Big snaps to Jack for being such a trooper, and for helping as much as he can.

Here are some shots of the beautiful blooms we have!  So exciting!

Love the color of these roses - they are the perfect shade of green!

We have so many beautiful orchids!

Among other things, these are for the guys' corsages.

Gladiolas - we got them pre-bloom, so they'll be perfect by Saturday!

LOVE these!

And these!!!  Such perfect colors!

Their garage was stacked with flowers!  And we still have to pick some up later this week!


Friday, July 9, 2010

The Devil's in the Details

Wow.  We are 8 days out.  Holy cow.  That is about all I can say.  It's been an interesting few days, yet productive in unexpected ways.

We spent yesterday in the hospital with Mike's family - his dad, Jack, had triple bypass surgery and a valve replacement.  He cam out of a very successful surgery, and is now on the long road to recovery.  It was a long day, but everyone let out a big sigh of relief seeing him, and then hearing him talk for a bit last night.  Today, he should be going over to a chair and sitting up, and tomorrow walking!  Apparently they want him to not be laying around, but instead be up and moving around.  Clearly, he won't be running a marathon any time soon, but he will be just fine before we all know it!  Be sure to send some positive thoughts his way!

The surgery took about 6+ hours, which left a lot of time for us in the waiting room.  I brought lots for us to do; games, cards, reading, DS, and of course, origami.  Mike and I started when we got there, which was around 8:30.  We got them all finished, and now have our good luck 1,000 cranes!  We also bought some extra because our floral plans have changed (Jack was our florist!) and so we added a few punches of beautiful Japanese prints to the mix!
We learned this stacking technique from Auntie Fran

Now all of the origami is finished we can turn our attention to other places!  I finished about 80% of the centerpiece labels last week, but need Mike to print out the cards that will go inside.  I had to buy one more package of escort cards, and have to emboss them and then I can start writing names!  Then, we have to put bows on bubbles, pack for the honeymoon, keep up on thank yous, find something for cards,  make all of the floral centerpieces, and that is about it!  Phew!  It's actually  not that much, as I have been ticking away at it all for a long time.  Oh, and Mike and I would really like to make a scrapbook for the rehearsal dinner walking through this wonderful process!

I also had my final FINAL dress fitting yesterday.  The bust is still a bit loose (must have lost a bit more weight...even though I really wasn't trying - you should have seen my plate on the 4th of July!) but it is going to have to work because, w e only have nine days!  It is off to be pressed and steamed and then I pick it up one week from tomorrow when it will move into my mom's hotel room until Saturday!StumbleUpon

Friday, July 2, 2010

You will be seated at table...

Sometimes the guy/girl in charge upstairs throws a curveball your way to help you keep things in perspective.  To help you remember what a great privilege this thing called life is, and we better appreciate it while we have it and not sweat the small stuff.  We definitely got quite a curve ball this week, and while I think we have kept pretty good perspective throughout this process, it is even stronger now.

But, on a lighter note, we are T minus 15 days!!!  Yesterday we met with our caterer and DJ for some final touches.  Thank goodness for our wedding coordinator, Marcia.  She is amazing.  If the caterer tried to say they "needed" more staff, she shut them down if it meant that they would have to increase our budget.  It was nice to have her stand up for us with the vendors.  We just sat back, and appreciated her work.  Every time I go to our venue, I fall more in love with it.  It is so beautiful and unique.  I can't wait until we see it in all of its wedding splendor.  We are hoping that the weather holds up, and isn't too hot!!

Today, I spent most of my time putting together the table placards and things of that note.  We have (hopefully) all of our RSVPs, and so we put everybody at a totally awesome table, with other really fun and amazing guests, and figured out where everybody would go!  Here are some pics from my hard work!  Can't wait to see how it all pulls together!

My embossing stations...

Stations, cont'd...(please notice the almost empty glass of red wine!)

Love this!

A sneak preview of the table names!

Glamor shot!

So cute! (I guess I am a bit biased!)


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